Is Sleep A Luxury or Necessity?

Nap and Sleep Training

I deeply believe that sleep is a necessity and not a luxury. So from the day my son was born, I took on Dana Obleman’s sleep training guide called The Sleep Sense Program.

Well, I started working with my 2 month old and it was wonderful. He was sleeping for 6-7 hours at night, waking up 1x to eat around 3:30-4:40 am then slept for another 2-4 hours.

Now, the problem was, nap time was hard he fights it BAD! I tried taking him to his dark room, letting him cry for a long period of time like 40 minutes, swaddled, rocking all of it!

Some days he would stay up ALL day. Some days he would take 30-40 min naps 2-3x and some days he would sleep 2-3 hours but majority of the time it’s a struggle.

I was thinking I’ve hit the wall and quickly asked Dana for help.

After some messages back and froth with Dana, it seems that it’s a process at this age, and will take time. Dana advised me to focus on the first nap of the day being in the crib, and falling asleep independently, and then if I need to use other methods for sleep for the rest of the day, that is ok at this age. It’s better to prevent over tiredness.

Suddenly, it makes sense to me!

Now, you might be curious, whether sleep training is advisable for little people so young like my 2-month old.

Well, truth is, I’ve been following it since day 1, it’s so helpful and it does work. It’s all about implementing sensible tiny steps so you don’t have to do crazy sleep training down the line.

Highly recommend it. I wouldn’t do it otherwise and I’m so glad I engaged Dana early in the course of my newborn life.

My little guy is now 6 weeks, typically things go well, his first two naps can last around 3 hours, so often his last nap is the struggle to get him down too…he seems quite awake and doesn’t want to go down for it. He also just started doing longer stretches at night, 4-6 hours, 1 feed at night, then 2-4 hours after that.

Dana’s sensible, kid-friendly approach to sleep training was exactly what I needed to teach Danny how to sleep through the night.

Now we both get a full night’s rest every night—and life is awesome!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you can get one of Dana’s customized sleep plans for your child here.

If you’re experiencing any challenges getting your own child to sleep through the night, you should definitely check it out!

When it comes to healthy sleep, Dana is a real miracle worker.

You can grab your free sleep plan here.



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