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Organic summer memories.

  slow summer memories hands full of flowers garden full of edible treasures   one image is worth a thousand words Click To Tweet

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SEO, Dalai Lama and succulents

  Blogging is not my strength as I feel more comfortable telling stories with pictures. Will be keeping my posts short in spite of all SEO engines and other virtual monsters that count words not actions. Will be still mostly sharing images and wise words I have found across the books that I read. ********* How […]

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Slow weekend projects: vegan cheesecake and plant dyed fabric.

“FEAR LESS, HOPE MORE; EAT LESS, CHEW MORE; WHINE LESS, BREATHE MORE; TALK LESS, SAY MORE” SWEDISH PROVERB   Vegan cheesecake and natural dyeing. Both turned into weekend projects. Both very new to me. Appreciation. The cake was done with cashews and taste really lovely. It is vegan, lactose free, gluten free, soy and diary free. […]

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Seeking joy – interview with Alyson Thomas, founder of Wedding Cakes Marbella

“Remember that your natural state is joy!”                                                                                                 […]

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Chia pudding + flower madness

Chia pudding my way: chia seeds soaked overnight in almond milk, add beetroot powder and vanilla extract + homemade granola or whatever granola/muesli you have, top with fruits, white mulberries, coconut flakes splash of agave syrup or honey add some flowers and photograph 🙂 hashtag vegan, hashtag diaryfree, hashtag goodfoodlove <3 Try my other recipes: […]

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