Seeking joy – interview with Alyson Thomas, founder of Wedding Cakes Marbella

“Remember that your natural state is joy!”

                                                                                                      Wayne Dyer


“That’s all you need, just the willingness to allow your passion to speak up and awaken from its dormant status. You don’t have to know how to activate your long-buried enthusiasm or precisely what to focus on. What you need is the willingness to say yes to signals from within you”

Seeking Joy is a personal project where I asked people what brings them JOY in life either personal or professional. I’m happy to share with you my first guest answers below!

cupcake to die for by Wedding Cakes Marbella


Alyson Thomas –  founder of Wedding Cakes Marbella 


Q: What are you known for, what brings you JOY in your creative process?

A: I am know for making bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes, and take the most joy from it when I see the smile on the faces of people who receive them.


Q: Where do you look for inspiration?

A: I look for inspiration everywhere, the home, books, magazines, the internet, art, however, I would say that most of my inspiration comes from nature, a love flowers and aspire to recreate them in sugar.  I feel sheer JOY when I’m making flowers!


Q: Which social media platform you use and why?

A: I use Facebook as it’s probably the biggest and most widely used platform. Instagram as I feel that it is used more by my target market, young women/brides to be.  Also I’m trying to be as active as possible on Pinterest as that’s where brides probably look for inspirational ideas for their wedding.  


Q: If you could make the perfect cake/cupcake for yourself what would it be like?   

A: Hmmm I’ve never ever thought about what I would make for myself!  If i were to make one though it would definitely be a flavor combination of chocolate, which brings me joy all year round and my favorite fruit cherries, which I adore.  I think it would probably be decorated with a cascade of  the most delicately realistic looking sugar flowers, It would bring me so much JOY spending time trying to recreate beautiful flowers.  

Thank you very much Alyson! <3

Wedding Cakes Marbella

See Alyson’s page and Instagram account, also Facebook and Pinterest!

Alyson’s beautiful creations from

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