Stockholm. Capitol of fika.

Do you know what is fika?

In Sweden it is a part of everyday life, it is a culture, it is a holy thing and maybe even part of UNESCO world heritage!

Fika stands for a coffee break. But not a regular one. It is a moment to stop during the day, to appreciate this slow moment, to indulge also.

The most popular and loved companion to a cup of coffee are  freshly made cinamon rolls called  kanelbullar, which I think is one of most beautiful world in the world!

Today I invite you for fika in Stockholm, Scandinavian capitol of cinnamon rolls!




Healthy alternative.

Healthy breakfast that can also make a good fika is homemade granola with plain yogurt, fruits, wallnuts, white mulberries and tasty Rebel Mylk which is plant based alternative for regular milk. You can find all different flavors here.


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